Meet Koder

Full Featured Digital Agency

We are a full featured Digital Agency based in the DC area that focuses on innovation, UX and new technologies. We thrive to be ahead in terms of technology and innovation, using state-of-art methodology in digital creation, being it Web or Mobile.

We Get The Job Done!

Working on Web for years and more recently on Mobile, we followed the market needs and developed other competencies that along with our main skills, help us deliver and overwhelm. From Application Design, Web Design to Branding, we get the job done!

Our Skills

Html and Css

We have HTML / CSS ninjas at our beck and call. We are ready for anything the web can throw our way.

APP Design

We have over 20 years experience providing cloud based application design for our clients.


A little PHP can go a long way when integrating with a popular CMS like Drupal, WordPress, & Joomla.


A dash of JS here, Jquery there, and JSON/AJAX to pull it all together. If this sounds Greek to you … Don’t worry. We speak human as well as Geek.

Adobe Photoshop

Beauty. Yes we do that too!